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Get a Cost Estimate for Your Care


I acknowledge this is an estimate and my actual total cost (patient responsibility) may be different than the amount shown in the estimate. Not a final bill: I understand that this estimate is not a guarantee of final bill charges, or the amount my insurance company (if applicable) will agree to pay. Costs may vary: I understand my actual cost may vary from this estimate for many reasons, among them are a patient's medical condition, unknown circumstances or complications, final diagnosis and recommended treatment ordered by the physician, duration between treatment and estimate generation, insurance coverage and network participation, locations of service. The estimate is based on your in-network level of benefits. To receive the most accurate and complete estimate possible, including additional assistance with understanding the estimated cash price (non-insurance) for the services, please contact HSS at 212-774-2607 OR WWW.HSS.EDU/ESTIMATESUPPORT. ***HSS offers Financial Assistance to patients who have limited or no insurance coverage and who may experience difficulty in meeting their financial responsibility. For further information, please call 212-606-1505 or visit us at *** ESTIMATE DETAILS: THIS ESTIMATE COVERS HOSPITAL SERVICES ONLY; THESE INCLUDE, BUT ARE NOT LIMITED TO, ROOM AND BOARD, OPERATING OR PROCEDURE ROOM USE, NURSING CARE, PHYSICAL THERAPY, AND MEDICATIONS ADMINISTERED IN THE HOSPITAL. IT DOES NOT INCLUDE PROFESSIONAL FEES FOR SERVICES PROVIDED BY OTHER PROVIDERS, SUCH AS YOUR SURGEON, ANESTHESIOLOGIST, RADIOLOGIST, OR OTHER SPECIALISTS. THESE PROVIDERS BILL SEPARATELY FROM THE HOSPITAL. TO RECEIVE AN ESTIMATE THAT INCLUDES PROFESSIONAL FEES, PLEASE CONTACT HSS AT 212-774-2607 OR WWW.HSS.EDU/ESTIMATESUPPORT.

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